Chicago for sale: Breaking down the Real Estate Market

photo by Luisa Pimentel and Eddie Cruz-Tello Chicago Skyline

By Eddie Cruz-Tello and Luisa Pimentel

Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States that many people wish to visit to see the many touristy spots and attractions available.

However, many may not want to consider this city for a permanent stay. Current residents believe that residing in Chicago may be far from obtainable for some, since they have experienced the hardships of living in the city.

The city has always commanded the world’s attention because it is known as an architectural creative hub. Lately, the beauty of the buildings and home structures of the city are the least of its residents concerns in the process of buying or renting homes in Chicago.

According to, residents in the age group of 25-54 are moving out of the state faster than people are buying or renting homes. Seeing how this is a huge part of the demographic for working Americans it is interesting to see how this affects Chicago’s housing market.

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