Chicago for sale: Breaking down the Real Estate Market

photo by Luisa Pimentel and Eddie Cruz-Tello Chicago Skyline

By Eddie Cruz-Tello and Luisa Pimentel

Chicago is the third biggest city in the United States that many people wish to visit to see the many touristy spots and attractions available.

However, many may not want to consider this city for a permanent stay. Current residents believe that residing in Chicago may be far from obtainable for some, since they have experienced the hardships of living in the city.

The city has always commanded the world’s attention because it is known as an architectural creative hub. Lately, the beauty of the buildings and home structures of the city are the least of its residents concerns in the process of buying or renting homes in Chicago.

According to, residents in the age group of 25-54 are moving out of the state faster than people are buying or renting homes. Seeing how this is a huge part of the demographic for working Americans it is interesting to see how this affects Chicago’s housing market.

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Google Trends: Donald Trump and the Polar Vortex, Toni Preckwinkle and Daley for mayor

Donald Trump and Global Warming after Polar Vortex

President Donald Trump constantly receives much attention not only because of the important position he holds, but because of the controversial topics and beliefs he publicly expresses through the media.Throughout the month of January people were interested in searching the media for topics related to Trump and and global warming.

Google Trends, allows for us to compare the search interest in relation to the following terms: “Donald Trump,” “polar vortex,” and “Global Warming” within the last 30 days in Chicago.

While looking at the graphic below one is able to see how the the search interest for Donald Trump was relatively inconsistent from high to low points that didn’t surpass the top 50 index in popularity.  In comparison, the terms “polar vortex” and “global warming” remained relatively constant up until the last week of January.

Comparison of the search interest with the terms “Donald Trump,” “Polar Vortex,” and “Global Warming” within the past 30 days.

During the last week of January, the United States Midwest area received alerts for the extreme weather conditions due to a Polar Vortex. On Jan. 28 Trump reached  his Twitter account to address the weather conditions by saying that we need global warming. This is represented in the graphic with a close peak in search interest for Trump and polar vortex.

On Jan. 30, when residents had to take precautions from the freezing temperatures that hit two-digit degrees below zero, we see a big change in searches in relation to the weather. Polar vortex was searched more than Donald Trump. At the same time, one can see how people increased their searches for global warming as they probably became concerned of such circumstances.

After the dangerous temperatures left the Midwest, the searches declined once again. Donald Trump, on the contrary received more attention as the State of the Union address approached.

Overall, it is inevitable to notice the relationship between the search interest for these three terms as they all connected after Trump’s tweet.

Toni Preckwinkle and Bill Daley are head to head on mayoral election

On Feb. 26 Chicago, the third largest city of the United States, is scheduled to have the officially nonpartisan mayoral election with the largest number of candidates running. Toni Preckwinkle and Bill Daley are two of the 14 candidates that have received much attention from the public through their campaigns and their media coverage.

According to an analysis of Google search data, within the past 12 months both search terms “Toni Preckwinkle” and “Bill Daley” continue to have interchangeable rates in search popularity. Daley has proven to be the most popular search interest between the two candidates since he has reached the 100 peak twice; however, it is difficult to say if the popularity in searches signify if he is the chosen candidate.

Search interest between the terms “Toni Preckwinkle” and “Bill Clinton”

It may seem like Daley stands a better chance of winning the mayoral election due to his family legacy and popularity. However, a recent poll stated that Preckwinkle was leading the race with 12.7 percent and Daley followed with 12.1 percent. The two candidates seem to be head to head in campaign fundings as well.

Ballotpedia, stated that Daley is at the lead with $5.6 million funds reported for his campaign and Preckwinkle with $3.5 million. Beyond the money and the searches, what is most important is what the candidates’ plans are for Chicago. Both have plans towards crime, improving neighborhoods and finances, and education.

In a matter of weeks, we will know who the next mayor is and he/she will probably increase their popularity and media coverage with their new title.

Illinois Ranks 12th in the Nation with the Most Cases Reported for Sexually Transmitted Diseases

By Luisa Pimentel and Daniel Cazares

photo via Google Images Chicago, IL

The testing or treating of sexually transmitted diseases can be a sensitive topic for most individuals — especially for those uninformed of the available resources that can provide help.

According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there are over 50 clinics in Illinois that provide care for STDs and HIV. All STD clinics are spread across the state of Illinois in various locations — including six in the Chicago area.

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Cabo San Lucas, Mexico Time Lapse

by Luisa Pimentel

Cabo San Lucas, Baja California has become a popular travel destination to add to the bucket list. For many, including celebrities, Cabo San Lucas is the travel hotspot to escape from stress. It has become Cancun’s coast line competition. Cabo San Lucas is a great place to travel for the holidays and to escape the cold winter months that await.

From new houses, to luxury hotels, to horseback riding on the beach and other activities, Cabo San Lucas has much to offer on a daily basis to its habitants and tourists.

Since the construction of the international airport in “Los Cabos” area, it has become easier for people to travel to the state of Baja California to ultimately take advantage of the beaches and everything Cabo San Lucas has to offer.

The time lapse of Cabo San Lucas, which was provided by Google, shows how much this destination has grown in building and road constructions from 1984 to 2016. Concurrently, the population has increased from approximately 16,000 in 1996 to 81,000 in 2015.

Cabos San Lucas 1984

Cabo San Lucas 2016

Craft Beer in Illinois

By Luisa Pimentel

Illinois may one day change from being the “Land of Lincoln” to the “Land of Craft Beer.” Based on data gathered from Brewers Association, Illinois has shown significant growth in craft breweries operating per year with only 54 in 2011 to 200 in 2017. Take a look at the infographic below to learn more.

New York Yankees Attendance Over Time

New York Yankees attendance 1903-2018

by Luisa Pimentel

New York is known to have one of the biggest cities, best night life, but it is also known as the home of the New York Yankees, their baseball team, formerly known as the “New York Highlanders” when they began in 1903. The graphic above shows us the journey that the New York Yankees have seen in attendance increase and decrease over the years.

Similar to opening up a new business because it usually takes several time to gain actual profit, in the beginning the New York Yankees had the lowest attendance recorded back in 1903. In the first 15 years, the Yankees barely reached almost 500,000 people attended for each of the years during that time frame. It wasn’t until 1946 that the Yankees were able to hit almost 2.3 million attendees. This was during the time when the Yankees demonstrated to have the potential that would lead them to the win the World Series for the 11th time the following year.

With more than 4.2 million people attended, 2008 had the highest attendance recorded for the New York Yankees all time. It must be noted that during this year the Yankees had some of their best players such as Alex Rodriguez, voted MVP two times, and Chien Ming Wang. Both suffered injuries during that time which caused great devastation to the team, according to The New York Times.

The New York Yankees have definitely suffered from the inconstant rate of attendance reported per year. But what is most interesting and inevitable to see is how the year before winning the World Series that follows, their attendance seems to show a pattern of being higher than the actual year in which they won the series. By taking a look at the graph we see this take place in 1946-1947 and 2008-2009.

Pretty in Pink Lyft isn’t enough to outshine Uber

The graph above shows a comparison of searches between Uber and Lyft.

by Luisa Pimentel

The world of transportation has changed ever since Uber and Lyft emerged to make easy, convenient, and affordable transportation. Both Uber and Lyft have become the new way of getting around the city; however, between both companies one has proven to be the most popular search from the public.

The interactive graph above, provided by Google Trends, shows the comparison of the searched terms “Uber” and “Lyft” since 2013. The graph begins with data from searches after one year of Lyft’s found date. During that time, it was inevitable to notice how Lyft was trending almost as much as Uber which has been around longer.

While both of these options of new transportation function very similar, Uber’s midnight blue logo has proved to be preferred over Lyft’s mesmerizing pink letters. There are various distinctions between Uber and Lyft that can potentially be the reason why people prefer Uber over Lyft.

Uber gives riders many more service options, from economic “uber pool” to premium to handicap accessibilities and food delivery compared to Lyft which only has three main service options. Uber counts with having more affordable prices for riders and thus people always seek to save some money.

From July 2015 to the present day Uber’s searched interaction has remained on the top half of the graph representing its greater popularity than Lyft. In the past five years the gap between Uber and Lyft has only managed to get wider. Lyft definitely must attempt to offer competible prices against Uber as well as it must develop more options for riders to choose from so it can bring real competition to Uber.

Kanye and Trump’s bitter sweet relationship

This graphic is a representation of the interest in searching for Kanye West and Donald Trump over the past 90 days in the United States.

by Luisa Pimentel

Two of the well-known controversial people over the past few months, Kanye West and Donald Trump, have demonstrated to be fluctuating trending topics in the United States. The graphic above shows the comparison of searches on West and Trump over the last 90 days, data that accounts to the way that both Trump and West keep their names popular.

Being a public figure and keeping their names on the line for people to remember is beneficial for celebrities to maintain popularity, which brings relevance to the decisions they make in posting things on social media to keep people talking and receiving that attention.

Who would have thought that after declaring the intention to run for the presidential office back in 2015, West was going to develop a relationship with current President Trump. Just one day after Kanye West’s pro-Trump unaired monologue in “Saturday Night Live”, West debuted President Trump’s famous “Make America Great Again” baseball cap in a selfie shared on his Instagram account, and the people went wild.

The graph shows how West had this mayor increase in being searched on the internet on September 29 and 30th, just after posting the selfie that shows his support for trump. When sharing such controversial views and posts to the world, it is noticeable to see how the people who shared this will gain reaction and attention from the public.

Being president of the United States is enough for one to be among the most search, but Trump’s controversial views, which he shares to the world through many tweets, has allowed him to be one of the most searched people. Trump, like West, has no hesitation for sharing his beliefs. The graph’s inconstant fluctuation represents how Trump and West gain attention every time they share something new (increase) and decrease when they are idle.

Unemployment Net Change

Unemployment Net Change from 2005 to 2015

Unemployment rates have drastically fluctuated throughout the years. The graph above shows a representation of unemployment rates for each month between the years 2005 to 2015 according to data provided by

The interactive graph above shows the different values for unemployment between each of the months. Between the years 2008 and 2009 it is evident that the unemployment rates were excessively high as they are represented in negative values. For the following years after the recession, the unemployment rates somewhat improved, but still continued to show inconsistency as it did since 2005.

Chicago Pride Parade Attendance

This graph represent the estimated number of people who attended the Chicago Pride Parade from 1985 to 2014

Throughout the entire month of June the city of Chicago is full of pride activities that culminate to the Pride Parade. The Chicago Pride Parade takes place in the last Sunday of June to celebrate the LGBTQ community and bring LGBTQ supporters in a fun and colorful two-day festival parade. The Pride Parade is a tradition that has been going on for almost 50 years in Chicago. Since then, the parade has long expanded its course from the notable “gay neighborhood” of Boystown to Andersonville and RogersPark. This current year, 2018, the parade covered over a four-mile route. Chicago has become one of the most notable cities during Pride month due to its events.

The graph above represents the estimated attendance for the Chicago Pride parade from 1985 to 2014 which was retrieved from the Chicago Pride Parade. In 1985, there was an estimated attendance of 35,000 people which was the lowest number of people who attended in the years displayed. Fifteen years later, from 1985 to 2000, the estimated attendance was 350,000. However, the highest number of attendees was in the years 2013 and 2014 with one million people. The notable increase throughout the years has been significantly important to the LGBTQ  community because it demonstrates the support that they are receiving from people who identify as LGBTQ or who simply support them.